Justin Bieber Vs Jls Free Radicals Analogy

Justin Bieber Vs Jls Free Radicals Analogy

It is the abundance of free radical that leads to tissue damage, aging and degenerative diseases.

So if you want be anti aging the natural way, not to mention dramatically reducing your chances of developing a degenerative disease, you need to know about free radicals.

Major sources of free radicals include sun damage, chemicals (consumed/breathed in/in contact with skin), exercise, pollution, processed food, microwave food and prednisone and cialis. dragon city hacks of course smoking.

Free radicals are destructive organic molecules. These molecules are highly unstable due to the fact that they do not have an even number of electrons. They are 慺ree?because they float around freely in the body.

I will use an analogy.

Free radicals are like clics. Our clic are made up of girls (electrons). Now electrons really are like girls – they want to be in pairs, but at the moment they are in an uneven group.

So picture the scene, we抮e at a boy band concert (just go with it OK). At this concert you have lots of groups of girls (free radicals) jumping around. This is fine as you need a certain amount to create energy and a buzz.

But then suddenly there is an influx of loads and loads of girls who broke in, and as the concert organizers are short on security (antioxidants), these groups of girls run around unchecked and hyper and make it into the backstage area.

Now remember, one of the girls in the group doesn抰 have a best friend (a fellow electron) and she really wants someone to link arms with. So she share our website takes the group hurtling around until they spot Justin Bieber! The solo electron girl can抰 believer her luck! He has his own entourage (electrons) with him who are paired up but he抯 not talking to any of them. She makes a bee-line for him but is bounced back because he is surrounded, and therefore protected, by what limited security there is (an antioxidant).

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